Mucha was brought up in the Czech region of Moravia and right from childhood Alphonse was an enthuastic illustrator.

As his studies came to an end, Mucha would take up various artistic roles in order to develop his skills and experience, plus bring in a nominal wage to help him get by, day-to-day.

Working in various theatres helped the artist to make some local connections and also to make his mind up that this was the industry in which he wanted to pursue a career.

The artist would soon realise that his ambitions could not be met to the fullest in Moravia, and so he relocated to Vienna, which had a strong international reputation for the arts at that time.

Misfortune ended his spell in Vienna earlier than the artist would have liked, but his luck was to change upon returning to Moravia, when receiving a commission for mural work in Count Karl Khuen of Mikulov's castle.

His employer was delighted with some of the work that Alphonse produced in this role, and agreed to pay for him to study at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.